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Welcome to We provide quality equipment for printed circuit board inspection, as well as manual assembly equipment.


The product range begins with simple optical magnifiers and extends through the Mantis Microscope and includes binocular and trinocular PCB inspection microscopes. We also feature circuit board racks and fixtures, and PCB cleaning equipment .


Cleaning equipment for ciruit boards and electronic assemblies includes Branson ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning solutions, as well as a full line of accessories, and cleaning application assistanc from


 MAC2 HD Compact Video System
MAC-PK5 video inspection system
Micro Zoom Video Inspection Systems
circuit board inspection magnifiers
Scienscope binocular microscopes
scienscope trinocular microscope
microscope bodies
USB microscope monitor
Illumination fiber optic light source
video coupler
Fancort flirp-rack
fancort rack alls

branson ultrasonic cleaners

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